Tuesday, April 2, 2024

‘Inconsiderate’, Netizens Slam Tems For View-blocking Outfit At 2023 Oscars

Nigerian music star, Tems, has received backlash online for wearing a white outfit that obscured other Oscars attendees’ views.

The singer wore a dramatic dress with a shoulder piece that wrapped around her head, making audience members sitting behind her unable to see the stage at the Dolby Theatre, Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Some tweeps have slammed the singer for her elaborate block-view outfit.

An American writer, JarrettBellini, via his Twitter handle, wrote, “Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud.”

Another tweep JessOfRVA, said, “The dress is beautiful but impractical for being an audience member—which is a shared experience. Being considerate is courteous. But that said, she looks stunning.”

“Truth be told Tems outfit looks good but not good for the #Oscar sitting settings. However, those behind her should know that Tems and conditions apply. “ a tweep, RainSegzy, commented, saying the dress was inappropriate for a sitting setting.

Trying to fix himself as an attendee sitting behind Tems, a tweep GEAfolayan wrote, “ At all times, we need to consider others. Tems’ elaborate outfit actually blocked the view of fellow attendees at Sunday night’s Academy Awards. I’ll feel bad if I were to be among fellow attendees sitting behind her.”

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