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Herbert Wigwe’s daughter Tochi in tears as she shares how late brother saved her number on his phone

Herbert Wigwe’s daughter, Tochi, could not hide her tears as she shared the name her brother saved her number with before he died.

The late Access Holding’s CEO, Herbert Wigwe’s daughter, Tochi revealed this while paying tribute to her brother, Chizi Wigwe at his memorial service.

Tochi remembered that her brother saved her name on his phone with the name ‘Tochi’s sister’ while she in turn saved his number with an ATM emoji.

Tochi also thanked Chizi for his efforts towards her growth and for being more than a friend and confidant to her during his days on Earth.

In her words:

“I’ve been grappling with the words to honour Chizi since I received the devastating news. But on Thursday evening around 7:03 pm, I felt a whisper of silence, a sign that nudged me to express what was in my heart.

“It feels as though God meticulously designed Chizi and me to be siblings. I used to joke that if we weren’t related we would either be sworn enemies or inseparable best friends. Chizi you were not just my brother, you were my confidant, my partner in crime, my best friend.

“I am forever grateful to have experienced a bond with you that transcends words, a love that was unwavering, a sense of protection that was ever constant. Though we must part for now, I take solace in the belief that we will reunite someday.

“Until then, my corporate rockstar rest easy and continue to watch over me from above. You forever reside in my heart. I love you, Chizi.”

The heartfelt tribute sparked sympathetic reactions from netizens in the comments section.

OCTOBER_13 said: “The painful thing about death is you will never see that person again! May God comfort this family.”

Tough kala reacted: “The pain of loosing a loved one never goes away, you just learn to live with it.”

@jaygirl said: “Omo this babe is so strong how can she even stand .God pls console her.”

Gracey reacted: “Mehn this is a lot. A lot. May God console them. How do you lose 3 people in one family? Kai ( may his soul rest in peace.”

@claireokpo said: “Father, mother and brother, that’s too much. Almighty God please take control.”

Watch the video below:


“They asked him why he saved my name on his phone as ‘Tochi Sister’ and he replied who wouldn’t Tochi as a sister?” Tochi Wigwe shared a heartfelt tribute to her brother, Chizi Wigwe, at the memorial ceremony, reminiscing about their close sibling bond and the memorable moments they shared traveling together. Watch the full memorial on YouTube 🔗link in bio #herbertwigwe #viral #fyp #nigeria #memorial #speech #death #governor

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