How to unlock your MetaUFO

MetaUFO airdrops token and IDO purchase will be available for swapping on the 28th of June 2022 and trading will begin on August 1st 2022, but before then you have to unlock your airdrop token in other to be able to swap or trade them.

What is MetaUFO?

MetaUFO is a decentralized gaming platform with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi functionality like staking.The combination of the virtual world with the real world gives us new experiences and opportunities. MetaUFO will be the sole currency of the entire ecosystem. MetaUFO aims to change the world through financial, technical, and perceptive endeavours – ultimately populating the next frontier

How to unlock MetaUFO

To unlock MetaUFO you will go to your Wallet dapp/browser to access the website using the link below to unlock MetaUFO, first unlock the address and then sell MetaUFO
Unlocking will be stopped on August 1, 2022, and the MetaUFO unlocked address will be automatically destroyed when it expires

MetaUFO team has updated the unlock link as there was complain of the former unlock link been too slow.

The statement read:

Due to the feedback from some users that the unlocking website is slow to open, we have launched a new unlocking website, and the old unlocking website will be closed soon

New unlock link:

Please unlock MetaUFO as soon as possible, if you have already unlocked it, please do not unlock it again

Old Unlock link: will be closed.

The price of of MetaUFO keeps dropping since the unlock began, so it’s better to unlock on time

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