Benefit of Holding Crypto

Benefits Of Holding Good Crypto

This post is by a miner. It shows what you can gain by holding a good project token for long.

Keyword is “Hold a good project token and EAN/EGON is majorly a good long time project to benefit only long time holders and supporters. This simply means that if you intended to make millions overnight then EAN/EGON is not for you.

In your pursuit to make fast millions in crypto you can fall to scam projects promising x1000 overnight.

From day one Eagle Network has promised benefits only for long time holders and supporters, so are you holding for long? Are you supporting for long time? Let’s also remember that without community support EAN/EGON will not go far. Core team will continue in marketing and promotional outreach and building for even more use case further.

Post by miner below . . . .
Gentle Reminder:

2018 January, MANA $0.23
2018 June, MANA $0.09
2020 August, MANA $0.03
2020 September, MANA $1.49
2021 June, MANA $0.49
2022 February, MANA $3.15

MANA is the token for Decentraland.

If you don’t believe in Eagle or Egon then you are missing out on the big picture.

Dips give birth to pumps.

MANA Dipped for 2 years consecutively, before the world noticed it.

Take advantage today.

Buy Eagle/Egon
Buy Eagle/Egon
Stake Eagle/Egon
Stake Eagle/Egon
Invite others to join.

Our Moon Day is coming soon

For good two years crypto token called MANA price went down! Price went down and remains so for two years! So some holders sold at minimum price thinking all hope is lost. But what of those who did not sell? Those who hold for two years more?

Did they win or not?

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