Abba Kyari reportedly escapes [email protected] in prison after 190 inmates attacked him

Suspended Intelligence Response Team leader, Abba Kyari, recently escaped attempted m#rder by aggrieved inmates at the Kuje prison who accused him of not honouring his bribe-for-release deals when he was in active service.

According to PremiumTimes, there are plans to move the suspended Intelligence Response Team leader, Abba Kyari, from Kuje prison where he is currently detained to the custody of the State Security Service (SSS), also known as the Department of State Services (DSS).

The last attack, according to the report, occurred on May 4. The [email protected] numbering about 190 are mostly in prison for dr#g-related offences.
The inmates who attempted to k#ll Kyari claimed the disgraced super cop prosecuted them despite taking bribes from them.

One of the sources who spoke to PremiumTimes, a state investigator and intelligence officer, described Kyari as a “dodgy criminal.” Quoting the inmates, one of the sources said Mr Kyari was “eliminating smaller (dr#g) dealers to clear the field for Afam Ukatu,” a suspected billionaire dr#g baron allegedly behind N3 billion [email protected] deal linked to Mr Kyari.

“Inmates claimed that upon arrest, Abba Kyari demanded bribes to k#ll the case, then still prosecuted them,” a Kuje prison source who accessed the testimonies of the aggrieved inmates, said. It was gathered that Kyari had to pay each of the aggrieved inmates N200,000 ‘in initial settlement fees’ and then ‘procured DSTV subscription for cells to buy loyalty and peace,’ one source said.

Despite this, the aggrieved inmates have continued to [email protected] Kyari’s life, the sources said. An official recommendation has therefore been made that Kyari should be transferred out of Kuje to an SSS facility.

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