Monday, November 13, 2023

Sweden Simplifies Visa Process, Allows Nigerians to Apply for Work and Get It Quickly

Dave Ibemere has over a decade of experience covering Tech, Energy, Stocks, Investments, and the Economy. Sweden wants foreign workers and has introduced a new model to simplify getting a work permit for highly skilled workers outside the European Union, including Nigeria.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, highly skilled workers will get a decision within 30 days of their visa application.

Mikael Ribbenvik, director general of the agency, said.:

“Helping these employers to make a complete application will reduce the processing time. It will be easier for the employer to contact us and get support in the process”

He also said under the new model, work permit cases will be divided into four different categories based on occupation and industry. His words: “The new model means a greater focus on the employer’s ability to bring highly qualified workers to Sweden. New international recruitment units will exclusively handle and provide service to the employers who recruit this group.”

Sweden needs foreigners

According to analysts at KMPG Sweden, the new model may be introduced at the end of the year(2023) and aims to bring flexibility and efficiency to businesses in planning to meet their labour needs. “When implemented, the old certification scheme was only intended for about 20 big companies that had a recurring need to employ large numbers of individuals outside of the EU”

“Today there are, according to the migration agency, far too many companies (640 mentioned during the press conference) that have been included in the certification process, and the authority has been unable to meet the target processing times of 10/20 days for the past 18 months.”

KMPG also said the extensive processing times have resulted in the loss of talent and skills for companies in Sweden. “The certification scheme has lost its original purpose and will now be replaced with a new system, based on four categories.”

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