Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Woman Considers Divorce After Marrying Self For One Day

A woman from Argentina, Sofi Maurewho, 25, has instigated divorce proceedings after marrying herself and spending just one day in her own company.

The Argentine first announced the nuptials back in February, alongside photos of herself in a long white veil and gold tiara, Daily Mail reported on Friday.

She announced to her followers on Twitter and Instagram that she had bought a wedding dress and baked a cake to celebrate the big day.

Despite the support from some followers, it seems the loved-up solo bride was soon left questioning her commitment because just a day later, on 20 February, she declared that divorce was imminent.

“Update: One day I’m married to myself and I can’t take it anymore, I’m seeing how the divorce issue is just in case,” she said.

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