Saturday, May 4, 2024

You Can’t Have Love In Nigeria Without Money – Says OAP Nedu Wazobia

Popular On-Air Personality, Nedu Wazobia, has said that the saying ‘No finance, No Romance’ is very true especially in Nigeria.

He said that in Nigeria, it had got to the point where you couldn’t have love without having money, adding that if a man wanted to talk to a lady, he must have money except he is deceiving himself.

Nedu made this known in an audio-video podcast on Monday.

Explaining why it is true that without finance there can be no romance, he said, “But true, true, no finance… True, true, no finance, no romance. Make we no deceive ourselves. It has got to a point where you no fit do love for Nigeria without money.

“For example, but it’s bad, I no go lie give you. It’s bad because you no go even truly know who truly get your time, who true true love you. But the truth be say, If you wan follow girl talk, the money wey you go spend take buy airtime, na money.

“The money wey you take out airtime for phone, na money. You go buy data put for phone, even if una no dey see face to face, na money. You go buy fuel say wan drive go, na money.

“For example, we dey the age of social media. You dey Lagos, the girl dey Benin or na Abuja,you come dey Lagos here, who go pay pay flight to go see who, abi you go enter road go see am? And that is just the basics.

“But you see the girls of nowadays, if you no get money, bro, you just dey deceive yourself.”

Credit: YouTube | Glitch Africa Studio

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