Egonverse NFT offer

Egonverse NFT Auto Buy
(Listing Offer)

Start Date
Only 6,000 NFTs Available

Cost for Each NFT
0.04BNB Smart Chain BSC
Make sure to send only and Exact 0.04 BEP20. You can buy several times but each time must be only 0.04BNB.

Auto Buy NFT
Get Egonverse NFT game card immediately after sending BNB smart chain into auto sale address below . .


Send 0.04BSC into Auto sale contract & get back immediately 1 NFT card + 250 Egon bonus

What Next After Egonverse NFT Sale
EgonCoin Testnet
Further Marketing
EgonCoin Partnerships
Cross Chain Trade
Bitcoin Browser Testing
EgonCoin 1:1 for Egon Holders
Multiple Rewards for Holders

NFT Auto Buy Rewards
(Buy NFT & Get Rewards)
1). 250 EgonToken
2). 1 Free NFT on EgonChain
3). Increase Catapult Token to 200 for each Egon balance

Auto Buy NFT
Send BNB to auto address below & get 1 NFT Card + 250 Egon automatically into address used to send


Start Date

Contract will only accept 0.04BNB.
So if you want 10 NFTs, you send 0.04BNB ten times

Hold & be Rewarded at EgonCoin mainnet

Eagle Network Team

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