Saturday, June 8, 2024

A fake mentally challenged man caught with a sack filled with dead babies

An angry mob apprehends a young man pretending to be mentally challenged with a sack filled with dead babies in Lagos.

On Sunday, a yet-to-be-identified man was caught along the Cele Expressway, Lagos by onlookers who noticed his bag dripping with blood.

When questioned, he was said to have given flimsy reasons before making a run for it and diving into the lake to escape capture.

According to an eyewitness, he was captured and handed over to the police after being tortured by the mob.

“We noticed his sack was dripping blood and we enjoined some street urchins to help us query the man further. He quickly ran into a lake but he was caught. We opened the sack and saw fresh dead babies.

When we interrogated him on what he was doing with the gory items, he refused to answer but noted that he killed the mother of the babies. We handed him over to the police for fear of him being lynched,” an eyewitness stated.

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