Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Twitter staff fired with ‘meme’ laments unprofessionalism

An engineer at one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, bemoans unprofessionalism in the mode with which his sack letter arrived.

Matt Shaver who had worked at Twitter Inc. for five years takes to the platform to lament the state of his sack letter that arrived as a ‘meme.’

This comes following the acquisition of the social platform by the billionaire businessman, Elon Musk, who initiated a massive sack of staff.

Matt while sharing a video on Twitter via his page stated that it came as a shock for him to receive his sack letter in the form of a meme and not via call, text, or other professional means.

According to the engineer, he received the email from the new Human Resource manager identified simply as Hannah who sent the meme with the caption, “Time to leave the nest. You’re fired.”

twitter sack letter

Watch the video below …

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