Monday, April 1, 2024

My boss gives them drugs which causes their stomach to swell — Man arrested for using children with fake stomach tumour to beg for alms in Lagos

A middle-aged man, Onyedinka Esiala, has been caught using children suffering from fake stomach tumour to beg for alms in Lagos State. 

Esiala, from Enugu Sate, was exposed by a passerby identified as Benefit, at Mile 2 area of the state on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. While speaking with Vanguard, the suspect claimed that his alleged boss, Uche, initiated the scam and gives the children unknown drugs to make their stomachs swell. 

He alleged that Uche brings kids to Lagos every year he travels to the Eastern part of the country. “My name is Onyedinka and I am from Enugu State. My oga is Uche. When I came from the village, I did not get any work to do; then he told me to be helping him to be taking these children out for begging.

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