Man killed by his wife’s lesbian partner buried amidst mammoth crowd

Ikechukwu Onuma aka Ayaaya Onye-Obodo, who was allegedly k#lled his wife’s lesbian partner has been buried in Onitsha, Anambra State

It was reported that Ikechukwu d#ed in early August 2022 after he was [email protected] by his wife’s lesbian partner after he allegedly caught both of them in bed in his house

Another version of the story also had it that the deceased had stopped the relationship between his wife & her lesbian partner, a development that irked the partner, causing her to always torment the family

Nigerian Tribune reports that the alleged k#ller was fond of seizing money given to her lover’s house help to buy items, and on a fateful day, she seized money from the house help, which was meant for fuel

Unable to withstand the [email protected], Ikechukwu was said to have charged to the home of the wife’s lesbian partner and warned her seriously, but she dared him, and when an argument ensued, she [email protected] him with a knife, leading to his [email protected]

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