“Carter Efe and Sydney Talker offered to pay me off for Machala with N100K” — Berri Tiga (Video)

Weeks following the hit of Machala’s single, Berri Tiga calls out the comedian over his consistency in their agreement.

Singer, Berri Tiga speaks on the feud with the famous content creator, Carter Efe, with whom he made a song.

In a two-minute-long video, the singer affirmed that the initial proposal for the song was 95-5% where carter takes 95% after which it was renegotiated to 70-30, where Berri Tiga takes 30%.

According to the singer, he received a call from Sydney Talker a day later to buy off the song for the sum of N100K.

Clarifying the claim about Carter Efe tackling him on social media for being ungrateful, Berri Tiga rested his case by stating his side of the story.

Watch the video below:

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