How To Migrate to Pi Network Mainnet

Pi launched its mainnet on December 28th, 2021 after releasing the roadmap to help its community of users know what to expect in the future and know where it’s headed. Since the launch of the mainnet, a lot of pioneers have migrated.
The only part that takes time in the migration process is the time to be invited to submit your data for KYC, but as the KYC app gets better with each update the process has become faster as more pioneers have migrated to mainnet.
In this article, I will guide you through the processes you need to pass before migrating your mined Pi to the mainnet.
There are eight steps to migrating all your mined Pi mainnet, but seven of the steps are enough to migrate to the mainnet.
Below are the steps:

  1. Download the Pi browser App
  2. Create a Pi Wallet
  3. Confirm your Pi wallet
  4. Commit to lockup configuration
  5. Submit your KYC application
  6. Wait for your KYC result
  7. Migrate to mainnet
  8. Invite your team to complete KYC to transfer more Pi

1. Download The Pi Browser

First, you have to download the Pi browser from the google playstore or apple store depending on the device you are using.
Pi Browser is a different mobile App by the Pi core team and intends to provide a decentralized web experience through more Pi Apps and utilities in the future.
Click the menu icon on the top left corner of your Pi App as shown in the image below.

Then click on the menu option Pi Browser and click the button at the bottom of the screen to download, install, and access the Pi Browser.

Click on Pi Browser
Click on Install or Sign in to Pi Browser

This should automatically sign you in to your account in the Pi Browser App, where you can create the mobile Pi wallet or access other Pi apps like Brainstorm, chat, KYC, and Develop.

2. Create a Pi Wallet

After downloading the Pi Browser app, open the app and click on the wallet as seen in the image below to create your Pi mobile wallet.
You will be taken through a few processes to create your wallet. Copy your passphrase and write it or save it somewhere safe, you will need it to unlock your wallet.

3. Confirm your Pi wallet

The next step is to confirm your Pi wallet.
Go to your Pi mining app, click the menu icon select mainnet, click on mainnet checklist and click the 3rd option which is to confirm your Pi wallet. This will open the Pi Browser app to link your Pi wallet to your Pi mining app.

Click on the menu icon
Click on mainnet
Click on mainnet checklist
Select option 3.

4. Commit to lockup Configuration

You can voluntarily commit to lockup a portion of your transferable Pi balance which will also boost your mining rate, this lockup configuration which started March 14, 2022, is binding upon commitment, so the amount and duration cannot be of the lockup cannot be changed before your first mainnet transfer.

Click on Configure lockup rate
Configure your lockup settings

While locked-up Pi will be transferred to your mainnet wallet, the locked-up Pi will not be transferable on the blockchain until the lockup duration time.
Lockup duration countdown will begin after the transfer to mainnet has been completed, including any pending period. Your previous lockup settings will affect your final lockup reward.

5. Submit KYC Application

KYC (Identity Verification) is a prerequisite to transferring your mobile balance to the mainnet blockchain.
The previous four steps are completely dependent on when you want to complete them, but you can complete your KYC when it gets your turn.
As long as you mine regularly, you will be notified when you are ready to be KYC’d, or you can go to the Pi Browser app and click on KYC to know if you are ready.

6. Wait for KYC results

The KYC result will depend on the ID you submitted matching your Pi account name, screening against government AML and terrorism sanction list, and if the account has scripting or other policy violation history.

7. Migrate to mainnet

If you meet the requirements for step 6 above, you will be notified within 48 hours that you or your check the Pi Browser app for notification that you passed the KYC and are ready to migrate to mainnet.
Open the Pi mining app navigate to mainnet checklist and click on the 7th item which is Migrate to Mainnet, and you are done.
After that, you can invite your team and security circle to get verified (KYC) to make more mined Pi available on your mainnet wallet.

Click on Migrate to Mainnet

You can ask your questions in the comment section below.

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