Top 10 Legit Crypto Airdrops for July 2022

Here aare the top 10 legit cryptocurrency airdrops to take part in this July, follow below.

1. God of Musician airdrop
Reward: 100 GOM (~$3)
News: Goeun, Backers
Distribution date: August 15th

Airdrop Link: airdrop page

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Enter the Polygon wallet address
-For 10,000 Random Lucky people

-The top 200 referrals will each get more GOM tokens

About God of Musician:
God of Musician is the largest music NFT Defi community platform in the world.

GStock holders will enjoy platform revenue dividends.

God Of Musician has partnered with various companies in Korea.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on August 15th and 10,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

2. TenFinance airdrop
Reward: 1 NFT
Distribution date: July 10th

Airdrop Link: airdrop page

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Submit your BSC wallet address

That’s it.

3. Kucoin & Only1 airdrop
Reward: $10 in LIKE
Distribution date: July 20th

Airdrop Link: airdrop page

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Click To Check the Quiz Answers
-Only for 800 Random Lucky users

4. BinanceNFT
Reward: 1 NFT
Distribution date: July 7th

Airdrop Link: airdrop page

-Complete all tasks of the airdrop
-Click To Check the Quiz Answers
-Only for 300 Random Lucky users

5. KoinSwap Airdrop
Reward Pool : 1,000 $KST
Winner : All Participants
Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐️
Airdrop end date: limited Time airdrop

Airdrop Link :

-Register with email
-Verify email (spam)
-Go to ‘Profile’
-Enter address TRX and BSC address
That’s all.

6. Aquaris Airdrop
Reward: $AQS
Winner: All User
End date : 7 July 2022

Join Airdrop:

Start airdrop
-Complate task
-Enter wallet BSC address Soon



APEmove is a Web3 fitness app powered by Game-fi and Social-fi mechanism. We are running “Infinite Airdrop” for all walkers, joggers and runners worldwide can Free-to-join our realm.

Airdrop Link:

Join Airdrop to get FREE APEmove Sneakers + $100 BAPE

10, 000 Winners
FREE to Claim your Sneakers: 24 June 2022
Allocation: $100 BAPE + Unlimited NFTs per user
Time: 20 June – 22 July 2022
Distribution: 30 July 2022

8. DeFinex Finance Airdrop
Total Airdrop Pool: 50,000 DFNX
Airdrop will end on July 15
Distribution date: August 1, 2022.

Join Now- Click me

Refer Code:- @osamgodwin

Start Airdrop
Complate Task
Enter Wallet BSC/ETH

9. WeSendit Airdrop
Reward: 133$ Worth Token
End date : 10July 2022
Airdrop ★★★★★
Distribution date: Within 1 week after the end of the airdrop.
WeSendit Contract Address: 0xd9d013E148C50a0E4FD813Dd3d85C7b4247e790C

Airdrop Link:

Click the link
Submit Email
Verify Email
Scroll Down
Complete All Task

10. Posduck Airdrop

POSDuck 🦆 is an innovative platform for NFT Staking that will be launched soon.

PDT is a POSDuck’s token utility. Tokens are used to purchase staking boosts on the platform and can only be obtained in the Airdrop program.

Reward: 1400 PDT 35$
Winner: All User
End date : 12 July 2022

Join Airdrop:

Start airdrop
Complate task
Enter wallet BSC address (Trust wallet)

After completing the airdrop program, all participants will be able to stigmatize their earned tokens at

Disclaimer: Airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free!

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