How to Join Metaforce forsage

Force just launched its forsage program on the 29th of June 2022, and it’s a great opportunity to earn, this forsage program has a lot to be excited about so let’s give you a run down on how to register and be a part of this great project.

What is Forsage?

Forsage is a smart contract. In summary it is a program that is not controlled by an admin, it is deployed on the crypto blockchain which means it cannot be hacked or stopped even by the creators of the program, your earnings is not controlled by anyone, it is sent directly to your linked wallet..

Forsage has been on since 2018 and has since conducted various smart contract which has been on till now. FORSAGE HAS LAUNCHED ALREADY

How does Forsage work?

How forsage works is pretty simple, you earn from, spillovers/overflows, referring, upgrading and when your downliners open a slot.

I will drop how to earn on forsage first before I drop the extra benefit in this new contract that you should not miss.

How you earn on Forsage

Spillovers is profit earned directly from your upline above you, this means you earn from people above you

Overflow is earnings from people under you, simply means anyone placed under you, you earn from them. So u both earn from persons above and below you.

Upgrading is earnings from opening a slot. When you open a slot, you automatically earn from that slot for life, over and over again. Most people who do not want to engage in so much activity, just go ahead to upgrade and open slots to receive spillovers profit

Overtaking: you earn from overtaking when you upgrade your slots before your upliner, this means when u upgrade your slots before your upliner you automatically begin to earn your upliner’s profit. Although this is not advisable because it’s painful to lose your profit to your downliner but OVERTAKING is ALLOWED.

Now these above are the normal earnings of forsage. Now let’s get to the the extra benefits force contract brings
1. Registering on force contract automatically gives you access to free force coin which would be listed on binance, forsage had over 1m participants all over the world and more, this means the pump on force coin would be way over 1000%. Also earnings would be in force coin once it is listed on binance.

Below is proof of force coin that is given to every registered member on forsage

2. You have access to an NFT platform and free training to a crypto academy.

3. Access to a crypto academy

4. Access to metaverse & defi

All these are parts of crypto that most people don’t know about, you would be learning all these in the community

Before I continue, I would share some few testimonies so I don’t bore you out.
There are countless testimonies, on your own you can go on Google or YouTube and search forsage testimonies, you would see thousands of it!

All these and many more are testimonies from the first day of launch

Also please take note that you can earn on forsage force without referring, but to do that your money has to speak for you by upgrading slots, especially upgrading very early during the first day to the first 1 week of launch. You can also search on YouTube to see diverse videos proving you earn on forsage without referring
But note that referring gives u an higher advantage, if you want to engage in referring just 3 active people is more than enough to earn millions on forsage.
The choice is yours though whichever way u choose to earn.

How do I Join Force Forsage?

Let’s skip to how you can get onboard

1. First download trust wallet on playstore

2. Fund your wallet with at least 5$ Dai and 2$ matic. (This depends on the level you are starting with to earn bigger)

3. Once your wallet is funded you join this Telegram group for the registration process

To fund your WALLET or for any questions you can also ask on the Telegram Group.


Level 1, 5 DAI + $1

Level 1- 2, 15 DAI + $1 Gas

Level 1- 3, 35 DAI+ $1 Gas

Level 1- 4, 75 DAI + $1 Gas

Level 1- 5, 155 DAI + $2 Gas

Level 1- 6, 315 DAI + $2 Gas

Level 1-7, 635 DAI + $2 Gas

Level 1-8, 1275 DAI + $2 Gas

Level 1-10, $5115 + $2 Gas

Level 1-12, $20475 + $2 Gas

N. B: The $1 to $2 gas is $MATIC which is used as network fee for upgrading from one slot to another.

If you are part of this Telegram team you will be provided with free $MATIC as network fee if your $2 MATIC is not enough for Level 5 & above.

If you are starting with level 1 it costs just $5 for now, by one week after launch all prices will double. Also take note that opening slots means you would be earning from that slot over and over again.

For instance you open slot 1 to 5. It means you will continually earn from those slots both from spillovers and referrals.

And if you have people registered under you, once they upgrade it would be credited directly to your wallet! Sweet!

Also you don’t need to place withdrawals, your profit is credited directly to your wallet.

Below is the image of how you earn on each level:

If your account is funded copy this link and paste it into your wallet Dapp or browser to proceed.

if you encounter any issues you can drop your questions on the comment section below or ask on the team telegram group.

Telegram link:

Whatsapp link:

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