EgonToken Listing Bulk Sale

How to participate in the bulk sale

Sending BNB to below address will return Egon back immediately.


Send BNB (BEP 20) to the above address to get EGON immediately.

Send from CryptoKara
Send from Trust Wallet
Send from metamask
Send from any other decentralized Wallet
You need a private wallet in your control to receive Egon. Binance is not your private wallet.
You need to add Egon token as a custom token to see your Egon using below info . . .

Trust Wallet Users?
Name: EgonSwap Token
Code: EGON
Decimals: 18
Smart Contract:

Click this link to learn how to create a custom token on Trust wallet

The smart contract will send Egon to the same wallet address used to send BNB automatically and immediately.


Let’s accumulate EgonToken before EgonCoin Blockchain mainnet release.

After bulk sale offer comes Pancakeswap listing and CMC listing.

What Next After Bulk Sale?
Pancakeswap Listing
Coinmarketcap Listing
CEX Exchange Listing
Further Marketing
Metaverse NFTs
EgonCoin Blockchain
P2P Egon Trading Module
EgonCoin 1:1 for Egon Holders

Are you ready?

Bulk Users Reward
Metaverse NFT Card for buy from 1BNB

After EgonCoin Blockchain is released there will be further reward for holders of EgonToken. EgonCoin is just like Binance coin and Etheruem coin with smart contract and token functionality, hence we are already in talks with a project to deploy Egon-Inu,  a meme coin using Egoncoin blockchain. The Egon-Inu team will airdrop to all holders of EgonToken 1:500 Egon-Inu coin. This means if you are holding 1 EgonToken you will automatically get 500 EgonInu! 500 EgonInu for each Egontoken!.  Partnerships already coming even before EgonCoin testnet!

More To Come
We are still in talks with other projects who are willing to use EgonCoin Blockchain and this will benefit all holders of EgonToken!. Wait for it! Hold!

Hold EgonToken for maximum benefits.
This is just the start .

Eagle Network Team.

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