Why I Risked My Life to Drive Burning Tanker off the Road – Hero Ejiro Otarigho

What Happened?

It would have been a very tragic story out of Agbarho in Delta State on June 11th when a tanker carrying diesel caught on fire in a residential area. Now as you know, a tanker carrying diesel is volatile and prone to explosion at any given moment. At any given minute that tanker could have exploded and hundreds of lives would have been lost.

Thankfully that did not happen and it was all because of one man – Ejiro Otarigho

Who Is Ejiro and What Did He Do?

Ejiro Otarigho was the driver of the tanker which caught on fire. Most people caught in a situation like this would most probably jump down from the tanker and run away to save their life. But that is not what Ejiro did.

Ejiro without hesitation or thinking put his life at risk and decided to drive the tanker out of the heavily-populated residential area. He drove the tanker for about 25 minutes until he got to the Agbarho river at which time the tanker was already fully in flames. Speaking to Channels Television, Ejiro said:

Immediately I saw the fire, (I thought to myself) if I had stopped there, this thing go cause big problem. I slowed down, I told my boy “do you know what you’ll do? Guy, jump down!” I said jump down cuz that my boy is new in the business. Just about 2 weeks or a week plus with me. All the other boys they’ve all taken their trucks, they’re working on their own. So he jumped down. What was in my mind then was Ejiro, carry this truck, try drive am reach Agbarho River which is a river closeby.

Thankfully Ejiro was able to get the tanker to river before any damage was done to himself or anybody around. Since then, Ejiro says that he has been receiving prayers and good reports from everyone around him, as he rightfully deserves. Ejiro told Channels:

Men of God have prayed for me. My community Agbarho, everywhere I go now, they point at me saying “that’s the guy”. Everything that comes out of their mouth is prayer. That has given me joy. That has given me happiness.

Since this story broke, the Delta State government say they have reached out to Ejiro to commend him and give him a letter of commendation.

People like Ejiro are uncommon and acts of selfless kindness like this are not stories one hears everyday. This man is a true life hero and I hope that this act of kindness is repaid back to him 100 times over by the universe. He is indeed a good man.

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