Why My Fairytale Marriage to Simi Crashed – Dr. Sid

In 2014, Nigerian singer Dr. Sid tied the knots to his then wife Simi Osomo in a fairytale wedding. The two had a relationship that was celebrated as couple goals and their love was the apple of many people’s eyes. Eventually they went on to have two daughters completing the picture-perfect image. Until it crashed. In January of 2020, Simi took to social media to officially announce the end of the marriage.

Now, two years after the split, Dr. Sid during an episode of Lilian’s Couch is talking about the marriage and opening up about why it crashed and how their relationship is today. Here’s what he said.

Speaking on why his marriage crashed and the state of the relationship with his ex-wife Simi, Dr. Sid said:

My ex is an amazing woman. The issue is more about understanding that there are some things we really didn’t look at before we got into it and those things came to light inside the marriage.

I think it’s more of a compatibility thing, we just didn’t work together. But as individuals, we are amazing. We love our children and we’re doing a great job raising them and co-parenting. That for me is what’s most important, it’s all about the girls. We’re building a very strong friendship and that is important for our children.

But I also would like to say for a lot of people who are in relationships and marriage, the norm in Nigeria is that everybody tells you to fix it and stay and I get that. It is important to fight for your relationship but it’s also important to fight for yourself. Because at the end of the day, when you get into a plane and they tell you that you have to wear your mask before helping others, you kinda want to make sure that you’re okay.

Because if you’re not okay and you’re living a lie, it will tell over time. And I want everyone in life to always be honest to yourself cuz you know you can gas yourself and lie to yourself, but be honest to yourself. Live your truth. And whoever is in your space must accept your truth and accept you for who you are and what you are with your flaws and all.

Speaking on how social media can also negatively affect a relationship, Dr. Sid said:

The gift and the curse of relationships these days is social media. I think people spend too much time trying to live up to the public’s expectation of them that they create these lives that are very difficult to sustain unless you’re really making a lot of money.

Some will say fake it till you make it but that itself is detrimental because you can start faking it and be doing well but if you don’t make it, you’ve put yourself in problem. And to be honest, I think it just really boils down to being honest with yourself. That social media pressure puts strain on a lot of people which translates into their relationships and other parts of their lives.

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