Eagle mmining coming to an end

All EGON Redeem Sent: (Requested Up to 13/05/22).
Egon Consolidation: Coming to Completion.
Eagle Mining Coming to End: 31/05/22.

Eagle Withdrawal from miner app availability until EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet run phase.

Any Eagle not withdrawn before EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet will be burned.

EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet is a new beginning for the project as a whole!

Sadly, many people do not read by now and so do not know withdrawal has been active now since 8 months ago.
Most who know about active redemption refuse to update the mining app to see withdrawal functions.
Most who update the app are still not reading and Following up to know how redemption is done.
The Withdrawal has been active since 01/10/21.

Announcements have already been posted on Miner App and Telegram several times.
Steps and Videos for withdrawal are already posted.

READ And Support!

Eagle Network Team

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