Monday, April 1, 2024

Lyon sack footballer Marcelo for farting loudly in the dressing room and laughing about it

French football club, Lyon, has reportedly banished defender Marcelo after he was caught farting in the dressing room and laughing about it.

The Ligue 1 side confirmed last August that the defender had been demoted to the reserves due to “inappropriate behaviour”.

The specific incident occurred following a 3-0 defeat away at Angers – a team Lyon will have expected to beat – in which Marcelo scored an own goal

L’Equipe claim, via GFFN, that the 34-year-old loudly farted in the dressing room after the calamitous match. To make matters worse, he is also alleged to have laughed about it. The incident is said to have enraged club legend and sporting director Juninho. Marcelo was initially banished to the reserves, before having his contract cancelled in January.

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