Why CryptoKara is key

Disadvantages of Centralized Exchange

Centralized wallet or exchange are exchange where you store/trade your crypto. You send your crypto into their system. You also need their permission to take out your crypto as without permission you cannot, eg BINANCE and Gate.

This means they can hold your crypto and refuse your withdrawal.

Decentralized Wallet/Exchange
Decentralized wallet or exchange are exchange where you control your crypto. Wallet team or exchange team cannot touch your crypto without your permission. You must approve all transactions. CryptoKara and Trust wallet are good examples.

This is one of the reasons why decentralized Exchange and wallet like CryptoKara is best as no one can touch your crypto.

Eagle Network is building CryptoKara wallet as a complete decentralized Exchange where users have full control. No one can touch your crypto in Cryptokara.

Features Under Development

NFT Module
Fiat Transfer
Fiat Deposits
Payment Gateway
P2P Trading Module
Transborder Payments
Cashback Reward Module
Online Merchant Plugin
Cryptocurrency Exchange

The final and stable version of CryptoKara will have it own complete unique features not in anyother wallet.

Wait for it!

Eagle Network Team

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