The moment Ex-Gov. Obiano’s wife was allegedly slapped by Bianca Ojukwu at Soludo’s inauguration(video)

There was mild drama on Thursday during the inauguration of Prof Charles Soludo as Governor, as the wife of outgoing Gov. Willie Obiano, Ebelechukwu, allegedly [email protected] Mrs Bianca Ojukwu at the event.

It is reported that the incident occurred immediately after Soludo took his oath of office. It is reported that dignitaries including Ex-Gov Obiano were already seated when Mrs Obiano stepped in and moved to the front row where the widow of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu was seated and [email protected] her.

The action drew the attention of security agents and some personalities who pulled Mrs Obiano off the hold of Bianca who was visibly shocked at the action.
Mrs Obiano was later taken away and shortly afterwards, her husband left the venue since the incident happened after the new governor had been sworn in.

The Vanguard reports that Professor Soludo, though expressed worry over the incident, concentrated on his signing of the documents before the state Chief Judge of the state, Justice Onochie Anyachebelu. And while beginning his speech, he said: “Those who also want to leave can as well do so. The Anambra we are talking about is a place of law and order.”

Watch vvideo below:

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