Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Portable washes Kogbagidi’s dirty linen in public after the latter shaded him [Videos]

Nigerian raving singer, Habeeb Okikiola a.k.a Portable has revealed so many unpleasant things about Kogbagidi, his estranged manager and international music promoter who denied knowing him earlier on Sunday.

Recall that Kogbagidi had renounced Portable in a viral video on Instagram and also denied ever having anything to do with him.

To this end, Portable, whose derisive reaction was much anticipated bashed Kogbagidi on social media and made so many private revelations about him.

In two separate videos on his Instagram page, Portable said: “Kogbagidi, I am a superstar, how dare you deny that you are not my Manager, Ogun k**I you, kogbagidi you don’t have a house in lagos, Kogbagidi you have a Benz but you don’t have money to buy fuel. Kogbagidi you don’t have levels you are only living fake life in Lekki.

Kogbagidi, I am now a rich artiste, you go Collect oh, I go block you for show and dem go break your Benz Windscreen, “F” you and your entire family, kogbagidi you don’t have money, it’s fake life you are living, Back then when I was with you, You and your friends used to come together to contribute money just to pay for Shortlets apartment.”

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