Monday, May 27, 2024

Hushpuppi was not on my level, stop comparing him with me – Invictus Obi in his prison interview

Yahoo News publishes prison interview with convicted Invictus Obi where he details his crimes and openly downgrades Hushpuppi. Here are some of the highlights of Obi’s interview:

Being on foreign soil, have you had much support from friends and family during your ordeal?
This situation has taught me that when times are dark friends are few. Many friends have not made any attempt to contact me since my case started.

How did the journey to the frauds you are accused of come about?
My level changed through this one particular friend I used to look up to. When at his house I noticed him on a website that was selling bank logins and crypto logins. He buys bank logins from there and easily withdraws above $20,000 at a time, that’s how he funded his lifestyle. I tried it myself when I got home and from there I got introduced to other money making schemes that got me where I am today.

People compare you to Hushpuppi who is also facing jail if found guilty, what are your thoughts?
It’s insulting, me and Hushpuppi are not on the same level. Hushpuppi could never achieve what I achieved.

How much money have you made from fraud?
I didn’t really keep count, I am a very ambitious person in anything I do regarding money. I believe I will always be an overachiever.

Read the full interview on news

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